Crescent Spring Condominiums Board Information

The Crescent Spring Condominiums HOA has an all owner volunteer board that is managed/guided by a property management company. The board positions are as follows:
                           President: David Breckenridge             Recorder: Brandon Elmes
                           Vice President: Reggie Garcia             Member at Large: Joe & Cassy Luckett
                           Treasurer: Chell Austin

The Crescent Spring Board actively
review/manage the ongoing complex and resident maintenance needs.  They also perform budgeting, planning and strive to save the HOA money.  The board members can often be seen pitching in to help perform tasks themselves.  There are several residents to help to do things like distributing the minutes, but we need more volunteers to help out.  Everyone should be involved in making our community to be well cared for and a better place to live.  Please contact on of the board members if you would like to help out.

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