Upcoming Events
Thursday 7/28/16
Open Board meeting 7:30 at 512 Ledgeview

Monday 8/8/16
Pest Control Spraying

Thursday 8/25/16
Closed Board meeting 6:30 at 512 Ledgeview

Welcome to Crescent Spring Condominiums HOA Website!

Crescent Spring Condominiums offers residents 'The Condo Life' of a low maintenance lifestyle with affordable amenities.  The Crescent Spring Condominiums are right off Frankfort Avenue so you can walk to some of the best restaurants, coffee and shopping in the city.  This entire Louisville condo neighborhood is secluded in a park like setting even though it is right in the center of the historic Clifton area. 

We hope that you will find our HOA website informative and helpful.  You will find copies of the covenants, rules, regulations, facility information, community information, news and events.  Please share helpful info (like good contractors, etc.) with your fellow CSC residents by sending it to us for posting on the website.

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Active Projects
Siding Replacement on Select Surfaces of Building 15

Siding Replacement on Select Surfaces of Building 1

Siding Replacement by Building 6 Chimney

Siding Repair on Select Surface of Building 11

Siding Repair on Select Surface of Building 12

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CSC Maintenance
We have siding, painting and pool deck repair projects gearing up for this summer.  We are establishing priorities for the improvement projects and will complete as many as possible with the available budget.  Please submit any problems to Mulloy Properties that were not previously reported and we will evaluate them.

Dogs At Crecent Spring Condos
Remember that Louisville Animal Ordinance 91.002 Restraint Required states: All animals, excluding community cats, shall be kept under restraint at all times.  You must keep your dog on a leash at all times when you are outside of your condo.  The board's goal is not to fine owners, but to ensure that they adhere to the Crescent Spring rules and Metro Louisville animal regulations.  Please keep your dogs on leashes so that everyone can enjoy our community without causing problems for your neighbors. 

Be Safe By Adhering To The Pool Rules
Remember that owners must be present with their guests and are allowed a maximum of four guests.  Metro Louisville pool rules state that no more than five people are allowed in the pool at one time, no one may swim alone for pools, kids under 16 must be accompanied by an adult and the gate must be fully closed after entry and kept locked for pools without a lifeguard.

Please be courteous to others at the pool and keep the area safe by having no glass of any kind inside pool fence.