Upcoming Events
Monday 9/28/15
Annual CSC meeting
7:00 at Lang House

Monday 10/12/15
Pest Control Spraying

Thursday 10/22/15
Open Board meeting 7:30 at TBD

Welcome to Crescent Spring Condominiums HOA Website!

Crescent Spring Condominiums offers residents 'The Condo Life' of a low maintenance lifestyle with affordable amenities.  The Crescent Spring Condominiums are right off Frankfort Avenue so you can walk to some of the best restaurants, coffee and shopping in the city.  This entire Louisville condo neighborhood is secluded in a park like setting even though it is right in the center of the historic Clifton area. 

We hope that you will find our HOA website informative and helpful.  You will find copies of the covenants, rules, regulations, facility information, community information, news and events. Please return to the site regularly to keep informed of important announcements and upcoming events.

We welcome your feedback and ideas on how we can improve our site.  Please share helpful info (like good contractors, etc.) with your fellow CSC residents by sending it to us for posting on the website.

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Update on Improvements
Summer has flown by and September is upon us - the last month of our budget year.  The restoration effort has been in high gear with deck staining, deck repair, stair repair, new siding installation and painting.  Some work is still going on this month.

The board has been prioritizing the projects to complete as many improvements as possible with this year's budget.  It has been a lot of work to assess needs, get bids, schedule work and follow it through to completion.  There are lots of tasks to work on in a condo complex this size.  The projects have touched most of the buildings in Crescent Spring in one way or another.

Much more work is planned as the budget allows.  This has been no small challenge, but we can assure you that the board has been working hard to take care of and improve our neighborhood!  Thanks for your cooperation.

Crescent Spring Condominium Annual Meeting
The Crescent Spring Condominium Association's Annual Meeting will be held on Monday, September 28, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. at the Lang House, which is located at 115 S. Ewing.  As you drive up Bickel, make a left onto South Ewing.  The Lang House will be your first right into the alley, across from the rear of Walgreen's.  We will be reviewing the current state of the complex, progress made this past year, 2016 budget and board elections.